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  1.  "Abbott, Bronstein, Mulders. Fast computation of integer determinans(9s).ps.gz" (63.7К)
  2. Algebraic numbers
    1.  "Abbott. Recovery of algebraic numbers from p-adic calculations(T)(9s).djvu" (238.5К)
    2.  "Bradford. Some results on the defect of algebraic numbers (SIGSAM1989)(T)(7s).djvu" (157.5К)
    3.  "Cantor et al. Continued fraction algorithm for real algebraic numbers (MC 1972)(T)(8s).djvu" (68.8К)
    4.  "Davenport, Trager. Factoring polynomials over algebraic domains (1981)(T)(6s).djvu" (163.1К)
    5.  "Encarnacion. Factoring polynomials over algebraic numbers(T)(6s).djvu" (166.2К)
    6.  "Johnson. Real algebraic number computation using intervals (ISSAC92)(T)(11s).djvu" (250.1К)
    7.  "Kaltofen, Shoup. Fast polynomial factoring over high algebraic extensions(T)(5s).djvu" (155.4К)
    8.  "Lecerf. Dynamic evaluation and real closure. Implementation in Axiom (1996)(42s).ps.gz" (103.6К)
    9.  "Manocha, Canny. Multipolynomial resultant algorithms (JSC93)(T)(24s).djvu" (519.9К)
    10.  "Mishra, Pedersen. Aritmetic with real algebraic numbers (1990)(T)(7s).djvu" (189.6К)
    11.  "Monagan. Signature functions for computations with algebraic numbers(T)(6s).djvu" (162.6К)
    12.  "Nauheim. Lifting for algebraic equations with bad reduction (JSC98)(T)(23s).djvu" (163.2К)
    13.  "Pohst. Validated computing in algebraic number fields (JSC 1997)(T)(9s).djvu" (70.1К)
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    16.  "Rump. Sign of algebraic numbers (ACMSAC76)(T)(4s).djvu" (65.0К)
    17.  "Sakkalis T. Signs of algebraic numbers(L)(T)(3s).djvu" (87.1К)
    18.  "Shoup. Fast polynomial factorization over finite field(36s).ps.gz" (103.7К)
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    20.  "Trevisan. Practical factorization of polynomials over finite fields(T)(10s).djvu" (237.8К)
    21.  "Weinberger, Rothshild. Factoring polynomials over algebraic numbers 1976(T)(16s).djvu" (215.0К)
    22.  "Yun. Algebraic algorithms using p-adic numbers(T)(12s).djvu" (211.5К)
  3. CAS systems
    1.  "Bosma et al. Magma algebra system I. User language (JSC 1997)(T)(31s).djvu" (232.2К)
    2.  "Buchberger. CAS not an end of mathematics(7s).pdf" (871.6К)
    3.  "Cooperman. STAR MPI parallel library to interactive symbolic algebra(7s).ps.gz" (43.5К)
    4.  "Cooperman. Semantic matching for computer algebra(T)(3s).djvu" (112.5К)
    5.  "Fateman, Caspi. Parsing TeX into mathematics(T)(25s).djvu" (152.9К)
    6.  "Fateman, Hayden. Speeding up symbolic mathematics(6s).ps.gz" (44.4К)
    7.  "Fateman. Design and construction of CAS (94)(11s).ps.gz" (45.3К)
    8.  "Fateman_Problem_solving_with_CAS(29s).pdf" (148.6К)
    9.  "Fickas. Design issues in rule-based systems(T)(8s).djvu" (355.6К)
    10.  "Hayes-Roth. Rule-based systems(T)(12s).djvu" (552.8К)
    11.  "Kazimierczak. Approach to natural language processing using rules(T)(8s).djvu" (291.5К)
    12.  "Lewis. Comparison of CAS (maple code).txt.gz" (38.1К)
    13.  "Lewis. Comparison of polynomial CAS(6s).ps.gz" (55.2К)
    14.  "M. Wester#s 1994 CAS Test suite in Mupad(23s).ps.gz" (51.9К)
    15.  "M. Wester. CAS Benchmark 1999(40s).ps.gz" (219.3К)
    16.  "Maxima documentation(279s).pdf" (867.1К)
    17.  "Noro. Risa-asir - a CAS(T)(10s).djvu" (162.5К)
    18.  "Problem solving with Maple, a handbook (1998)(157s).ps.gz" (599.6К)
    19.  "Problem solving, calculus with Maple (1998) (mws).zip" (277.1К)
    20.  "SACLIB 1.1 manual(79s).ps.gz" (144.4К)
    21.  "Schreiner. PACLIB, parallel functional programming for CAS(318s).ps.gz" (828.6К)
    22.  "Unsolved problems in CAS(T)(29s).djvu" (241.0К)
    23.  "Using Maple in Calculus(40s).ps.gz" (143.4К)
    24.  "Using Maple in linear algebra (notes)(66s).ps.gz" (115.1К)
    25.  "Zimmer. SIMATH, a CAS for number theory (ISSAC 1997)(T)(11s).djvu" (261.4К)
  4.  "Cohen H. (ed.) Algorithmic number theory (Proc. ANTS-II, Springer 1996)(selected papers)(L)(T)(54s).djvu" (936.1К)
  5. Complex variable
    1.  "Aslaksen. Complex analysis and CAS 1, exponentials 1996(T)(8s).djvu" (40.5К)
    2.  "Aslaksen. Complex analysis and CAS 2, using Corless notation(T)(8s).djvu" (42.3К)
    3.  "Bradford. Simplification of multiple-valued functions (DISCO92, LNCS 721)(L)(T)(5s).djvu" (90.3К)
    4.  "Corless et al. Arccoth need not be uncouth(27s).ps.gz" (95.6К)
    5.  "Corless et al. Branch cuts for trigonometrics(24s).ps.gz" (87.2К)
    6.  "Corless et al. Lambert W function(32s).ps.gz" (97.4К)
    7.  "Corless et al. Reasoning about complex elementary functions(12s).ps.gz" (70.2К)
    8.  "Corless, Jeffrey. Graphing Riemann surfaces(T)(C)(7s).djvu" (246.0К)
    9.  "Corless, Jeffrey. Unwinding number(8s).ps.gz" (72.1К)
    10.  "Corless. Exercises on W function(1s).ps.gz" (15.8К)
    11.  "CorlessJeffreyKnuth. Sequence of series for the Lambert W function(10s).ps.gz" (94.6К)
    12.  "Davenport et al. Defining branch cuts for trig and other functions(27s).ps.gz" (95.6К)
    13.  "Dingle, Fateman. Branch cuts in computer algebra(8s).ps.gz" (54.1К)
  6.  "Computer algebra in scientific computing (CASC1999) TOC(L)(T)(3s).djvu" (38.4К)
  7.  "Computer algebra in scientific computing (CASC2000) TOC(L)(T)(3s).djvu" (37.1К)
  8.  "Davenport J.H. (ed.) Proc. EUROCAL 87 (selected papers)(LNCS 378, 1987)(L)(T)(30s).djvu" (620.6К)
  9. Determining zero
    1.  "Burnikel et al. A strong computable separation bound for arithmetic expressions with radicals (Algorithmica 2000)(13s).pdf" (83.0К)
    2.  "Chow. What is a closed-form number(11s).ps.gz" (61.7К)
    3.  "Hur, Davenport. Exact zero determination for algebraic numbers(T)(6s).djvu" (78.5К)
    4.  "Johnson S.C. Problem of recognizing zero (JACM 18, 559) (1971)(T)(7s).djvu" (86.6К)
    5.  "Johnson S.C. Problem of recognizing zero (preprint)(T)(4s).djvu" (59.1К)
    6.  "Langley, Richardson. What can we do with a solution (cca2002)(14s).ps.gz" (102.0К)
    7.  "Richardson D. Simplified method for recognizing zero in constants (ISSAC95)(T)(6s).djvu" (158.8К)
    8.  "Richardson, El-Sonbaty. Zero recognition of polynomial terms(11s).ps.gz" (68.0К)
    9.  "Richardson, Fitch. Identity of elementary functions and constants (ISSAC94)(T)(6s).djvu" (160.8К)
    10.  "Richardson, Langley. Some obervations about familiar numbers (2002)(14s).ps.gz" (55.3К)
    11.  "Richardson. How to recognize zero (JSC24, 1997)(T)(19s).djvu" (139.3К)
    12.  "Richardson. Recognizing zero(23s).ps.gz" (93.9К)
    13.  "Richardson. Testing the uniformity conjecture(23s).ps.gz" (89.3К)
    14.  "Richardson. Testing the uniformity conjecture.dvi.gz" (33.9К)
    15.  "Richardson. The elementary constant problem (ISSAC92)(T)(9s).djvu" (199.2К)
    16.  "Richardson. The uniformity conjecture(21s).ps.gz" (91.6К)
    17.  "Richardson. The uniformity conjecture.dvi.gz" (31.5К)
    18.  "Shackell, Van der Hoeven. Complexity bounds for zero-testing of polynomials(15s).ps.gz" (157.2К)
    19.  "Van der Hoeven. Automatic numerical expansions 1994(14s).ps.gz" (59.2К)
    20.  "Van der Hoeven. Complexity bounds for zero-test algorithms(14s).ps.gz" (155.1К)
    21.  "Van der Hoeven. Witness for zero-testing(12s).ps.gz" (130.0К)
    22.  "Van der Hoeven. Zero-test algorithms for functions(14s).ps.gz" (155.2К)
    23.  "Wang. Undecidability of zeros of elementary functions(T)(4s).djvu" (72.5К)
  10. Diophantine equations
    1.  "Aardal, Hurkens, Lenstra. Solving a system of diophantine equations with bounds on the variables (1998)(20s).ps.gz" (80.1К)
    2.  "Bennett. Solving families of simultaneous Pell equations(5s).ps.gz" (63.2К)
    3.  "Blankinship. Algorithm 288, Solution of linear Diophantine systems (CACM 1966)(T)(1s).djvu" (63.5К)
    4.  "Cucker et al. Algorithm for diophantine equations in one variable. JSC 1999(T)(9s).djvu" (70.7К)
    5.  "Guisti et al. Lower bounds for diophantine approximations (JPAA1997)(T)(41s).djvu" (508.9К)
    6.  "Mulders, Storjohann. Solving linear diophantine systems (ISSAC99)(T)(8s).djvu" (321.3К)
    7.  "Peck. Algorithm 139, solutions of Diophantine equation (CACM 1962)(T)(8s).djvu" (239.7К)
    8.  "Poulakis, Voskos. Genus 0 diophantine equations with 2 valuations (JSC2002)(T)(13s).djvu" (99.8К)
    9.  "Poulakis, Voskos. Solution of genus 0 Diophantine equations (JSC2000)(T)(10s).djvu" (84.5К)
    10.  "Stroeker, Tzanakis. Computing all integer solutions of general elliptic equation (2000)(9s).ps.gz" (75.6К)
    11.  "Stroeker, Tzanakis. Computing all integer solutions of genus 1 equation(T)(20s).djvu" (220.4К)
    12.  "Stroeker, de Weger. Solving elliptic diophantine equations. General cubic case (1999)(28s).ps.gz" (160.1К)
    13.  "Tzanakis. Solution of two Pell equations(20s).ps.gz" (114.7К)
    14.  "Tzanakis. Solving elliptic diophantine equations. Quartic eqs.(1994)(32s).ps.gz" (148.6К)
  11.  "Feinsilver, Schott. Computing the adjoint representation of Lie group. JSC 1998(T)(10s).djvu" (59.3К)
  12.  "Filaseta, Schinzel. Irreducibility and GCD algorithms for sparse polynomials(14s).pdf" (105.3К)
  13.  "Fortuna et al. Computing the topology of orientable real algebraic surfaces (JSC03)(T)(22s).djvu" (196.5К)
  14.  "Freire et al. Symbolic computation of center manifolds (ISSAC1988)(L)(T)(7s).djvu" (207.5К)
  15.  "Gil. Jordan form of matrices(T)(8s).djvu" (207.6К)
  16. Groebner bases
    1.  "Apel, Klaus. Data representation in FELIX (DISCO92)(2 pages with Groebner basis examples)(L)(T)(2s).djvu" (36.6К)
    2.  "Bachmann, Schoenemann. Monomial representations for Groebner bases (ISSAC98)(T)(8s).djvu" (125.8К)
    3.  "Bikker. Bezout#s method for computing the resultant (1995)(21s).ps.gz" (76.7К)
    4.  "Bronstein. Gsolve - faster Groebner bases solver(T)(3s).djvu" (85.3К)
    5.  "Caboara M. Optimization of basic algorithms in commutative algebra (phd thesis, 1998)(118s).dvi.gz" (222.2К)
    6.  "Caboara M. Optimization of basic algorithms in commutative algebra (phd thesis, 1998)(118s).ps.gz" (395.7К)
    7.  "Caboara, Kreuzer, Robbiano. Efficient computation of minimal set of critical pairs in Groebner bases (2003)(27s).dvi.gz" (47.1К)
    8.  "Caboara, Kreuzer, Robbiano. Efficient computation of minimal set of critical pairs in Groebner bases (2003)(27s).ps.gz" (139.5К)
    9.  "Caboara. Dynamic algorithm for Groebner bases (ISSAC93)(T)(9s).djvu" (234.4К)
    10.  "Chyzak. Fonctions holonome et calcul formel (PhD Thesis, fr)(230s).ps.gz" (509.3К)
    11.  "Chyzak. Groebner bases and symbolic summation and integration(34s).ps.gz" (229.2К)
    12.  "Chyzak. Holonomic functions in computer algebra (slides, talk)(99s).ps.gz" (216.5К)
    13.  "Chyzak. Holonomic systems and automatic proofs of identities. RR-2371(64s).ps.gz" (196.9К)
    14.  "Chyzak. Seminar on computer algebra (1999, 2000)(154s).ps.gz" (702.0К)
    15.  "Collins. Multivariate polynomial resultants(T)(18s).djvu" (256.4К)
    16.  "Corless, Gianni, Trager. Factorization of polynomial systems (ISSAC97)(T)(8s).djvu" (229.0К)
    17.  "Corless. Lecture notes on Groebner bases(6s).ps.gz" (63.2К)
    18.  "Czapor. Heuristic selection strategy for Groebner bases (ISSAC91)(T)(10s).djvu" (184.3К)
    19.  "Czichowski. Groebner bases and integration of rational functions (JSC 1995)(T)(5s).djvu" (96.4К)
    20.  "Faugere. New efficient algorithm for Groebner bases (JPAA1999)(T)(28s).djvu" (406.8К)
    21.  "Fortuna, Gianni, Trager. Radical of polynomial ideals over arbitrary fields (ISSAC01)(T)(5s).djvu" (235.7К)
    22.  "Gerdt. Relation between Pommaret and Janet bases (CASC2000)(L)(T)(8s).djvu" (202.6К)
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    24.  "Giovini et al. Selection strategies in Buchberger algorithm (ISSAC91)(T)(6s).djvu" (168.8К)
    25.  "Giovini et al. Sugar cube selection strategies for Buchberger algorithm (ISSAC91)(7s).ps.gz" (54.8К)
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    29.  "Kahoui. Elementary subresultants theory. JSC2003(12s).pdf" (135.9К)
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    33.  "Mandache. Groebner bases computation and Gaussian elimination (phd thesis)(89s).ps.gz" (169.5К)
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  17.  "Ilyin, Kryukov. Symbolic simplification of tensor expressions(T)(5s).djvu" (100.5К)
  18. Integration
    1.  "Abbott. Solving the Risch differential equation (EUROCAL87)(L)(T)(2s).djvu" (77.5К)
    2.  "Adamchik, Marichev. Integration of hypergeometric-type functions(T)(13s).djvu" (197.2К)
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    4.  "Bertrand. Computation of hyperelliptic integrals(T)(5s).djvu" (114.3К)
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