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  1.  "Abbott, Coleman. Collapse of the anti-de Sitter bubble (1985)(L)(5s).djvu" (82.3К)
  2.  "Abbott, Coleman. Collapse of the anti-de Sitter bubble (1985)(L)(T)(5s).djvu" (83.6К)
  3.  "Babiker, Loudon. Gauge invariance of the Aharonov-Bohm effect (J.Phys.A 17, p2973, 1984)(T)(10s).djvu" (266.9К)
  4.  "Banks, Bender, Wu. Coupled ahnarmonic oscillators II.. unequal-mass case (PRD 8, 1973)(T)(13s).djvu" (206.8К)
  5.  "Banks, Bender, Wu. Coupled anharmonic oscillators I.. equal-mass case (PRD 8, 1973)(T)(21s).djvu" (328.1К)
  6.  "Barvinsky, Nesterov. Effective equations in quantum cosmology (Nucl Phys B 2001)(42s).pdf" (324.8К)
  7.  "Barvinsky, Ponomariov. Quantum geometrodynamics (PhysLett B)(T)(6s).djvu" (110.0К)
  8.  "Barvinsky, Vilkovisky. Covariant perturbation theory I. Beyond the Schwinger-DeWitt technique (Nucl.Phys.B 282, 1987)(T)(26s).djvu" (217.9К)
  9.  "Barvinsky, Vilkovisky. Covariant perturbation theory II. Second order in the curvature (Nucl.Phys.B, 1990)(T)(41s).djvu" (334.8К)
  10.  "Barvinsky, Vilkovisky. Covariant perturbation theory III. Spectral representations (Nucl.Phys.B 333, 1990)(T)(13s).djvu" (98.1К)
  11.  "Barvinsky. Perturbative quantum cosmology and semiclassical expansion (NuclPhys B 1989)(T)(19s).djvu" (188.6К)
  12.  "Barvinsky. Quantum geometrodynamics. The WDW equations. (PhysLettB 1986)(T)(4s).djvu" (233.6К)
  13.  "Barvinsky. Semiclassical solution of the WDW equations and unitarity (NuclPhysB 1990)(T)(6s).djvu" (99.3К)
  14.  "Barvinsky. Wave function and effective action in quantum cosmology (Phys.LettB 1987)(T)(5s).djvu" (92.4К)
  15.  "Bender C.M. Solution of operator equations of motion (in.. Rigorous results in quantum dynamics, Proc. Liblice 1990, WS, 1991)(L)(T)(9s).djvu" (118.4К)
  16.  "Bender, Olaussen, Wang. Numerological analysis of WKB approximation in large order (PRD 16, p1740, 1977)(T)(9s).djvu" (329.6К)
  17.  "Bender, Wu. Anharmonic oscillator (Phys.Rev. 184, p1231, 1969)(T)(30s).djvu" (1.4М)
  18.  "Bender, Wu. Anharmonic oscillator II. Study of perturbation theory in large order (PRD 7, p1620, 1973)(T)(17s).djvu" (655.1К)
  19.  "Caldeira, Leggett, Ambegaokar, et al. Papers on quantum Brownian motion (djvu).zip" (1.7М)
  20.  "Caldeira, Leggett. Influence of dissipation on quantum tunneling in macroscopic systems (PRL46, 1981)(T)(4s).djvu" (82.4К)
  21.  "Caldeira, Leggett. Quantum tunneling with dissipation (Ann.Phys.149, p374, 1983)(T)(83s).djvu" (867.8К)
  22.  "Caldirola, Lugiato. Connection between the Schroedinger equation for dissipative systems and the master equation (Physica 116A, 1982)(T)(17s).djvu" (114.1К)
  23.  "Callan, Coleman. Fate of the false vacuum II. First quantum corrections (PRD 16, 1977)(600dpi)(T)(7s).djvu" (156.7К)
  24.  "Callan, Coleman. Fate of the false vacuum II. First quantum corrections (PRD 16, 1977)(T)(7s).djvu" (107.6К)
  25.  "Colegrave, Croxson, Kheyrabady, Ramjit. Energy of a nonconservative system in quantum mechanics (Kanai-Caldirola theory)(Physica A 161, 1989)(T)(10s).djvu" (98.6К)
  26.  "Coleman S., De Luccia F. Gravitational effects on and of vacuum decay (PRD 21, p3305, 1980)(600dpi)(T)(11s).djvu" (241.0К)
  27.  "Coleman, Lee. Escape from the menace of giant wormholes (1989)(L)(9s).djvu" (344.7К)
  28.  "Coleman, Lee. Escape from the menace of giant wormholes (1989)(L)(T)(9s).djvu" (347.3К)
  29.  "Coleman. 1 over N (1980)(L)(36s).djvu" (731.1К)
  30.  "Coleman. 1 over N (1980)(L)(T)(36s).djvu" (738.2К)
  31.  "Coleman. Classical lumps and their quantum descendants (1976)(L)(56s).djvu" (1.7М)
  32.  "Coleman. Classical lumps and their quantum descendants (1976)(L)(T)(56s).djvu" (1.8М)
  33.  "Coleman. Fate of the false vacuum.. semiclassical theory (PRD 15, 1977)(600dpi)(T)(9s).djvu" (181.0К)
  34.  "Coleman. Fate of the false vacuum.. semiclassical theory (PRD 15, 1977)(T)(9s).djvu" (118.5К)
  35.  "Coleman. Quantum tunneling and negative eigenvalues (1987)(L)(8s).djvu" (173.6К)
  36.  "Coleman. Quantum tunneling and negative eigenvalues (1987)(L)(T)(8s).djvu" (175.6К)
  37.  "Coleman. The fate of the false vacuum I (1977)(L)(14s).djvu" (338.2К)
  38.  "Coleman. The fate of the false vacuum I (1977)(L)(T)(14s).djvu" (341.9К)
  39.  "Coleman. The magnetic monopole 50 years later (1982)(L)(51s).djvu" (1.2М)
  40.  "Coleman. The magnetic monopole 50 years later (1982)(L)(T)(51s).djvu" (1.2М)
  41.  "Coleman. The uses of instantons (1978)(L)(56s).djvu" (1.7М)
  42.  "Coleman. The uses of instantons (1978)(L)(T)(56s).djvu" (1.7М)
  43.  "Coleman. Theory of the cosmological constant (1988)(L)(18s).djvu" (419.0К)
  44.  "Coleman. Theory of the cosmological constant (1988)(L)(T)(18s).djvu" (428.0К)
  45.  "Coleman. Topological fluctuations and loss of BH coherence (1988)(L)(14s).djvu" (228.8К)
  46.  "Coleman. Topological fluctuations and loss of BH coherence (1988)(L)(T)(14s).djvu" (232.2К)
  47.  "Corichi, Cortez, Quevedo. Relation between Fock and Schroedinger representations for scalar field (PRD 66, p085025, 2002)(9s).pdf" (103.5К)
  48.  "Cvetanovic P. Periodic Orbit Theory in Classical and Quantum Mechanics (Chaos 2, p1, 1992)(T)(4s).djvu" (68.0К)
  49.  "Datta, Rampal. Asymptotic series for wave functions and energy levels of doubly harmonic oscillators (PRD 23, p2875, 1981)(T)(9s).djvu" (375.8К)
  50.  "DeWitt B.S. Dynamical Theory in Curved Spaces. I. A Review of the Classical and Quantum Action Principles (Rev.Mod.Phys.29,p377,1957)(600dpi)(T)(21s).djvu" (603.4К)
  51.  "Dekker H. Damped oscillator pure state representations (Phys.Letters.A80, p369, 1980)(T)(3s).djvu" (37.1К)
  52.  "Dekker H. Multisite spin hoping analysis of dissipative quantum tunneling I. General theory (Physica A 175, p485, 1991)(T)(43s).djvu" (693.8К)
  53.  "Dekker H. Nonpermuting limits (of zero damping and infinite system size) in exactly solvable electrodynamical model (Phys.Lett.A114, p292, 1986)(T)(3s).djvu" (56.5К)
  54.  "Dekker H. Particles on a string in quantum mechanics (Phys.Lett.105A, 1984)(T)(6s).djvu" (90.2К)
  55.  "Dekker H., Valsakumar M.C. Fundamental constraint on quantum mechanical diffusion coefficients (Phys.Lett.A104, p67, 1984)(T)(5s).djvu" (68.6К)
  56.  "Dunne, Hall. Borel summation of derivative expansion and effective actions (PRD 60, 1999)(15s).pdf" (153.0К)
  57.  "Einstein A., Infeld L., Hoffmann B. Gravitational equations and the problem of motion (Ann.Math. 39, p65, 1938)(600dpi)(T)(36s).djvu" (349.9К)
  58.  "Einstein, Podolsky, Rosen. Can quantum-mechanical description of physical reality be considered complete (Phys.Rev. 47, p777, 1935)(400dpi)(T)(4s).djvu" (85.9К)
  59.  "Everett H. Relative state formulation of quantum mechanics (RMP 1957)(T)(9s).djvu" (241.4К)
  60.  "Feynman R.P. Simulating physics with computers (Int.J.Theor.Phys.21, p467, 1982)(600dpi)(T)(20s).djvu" (341.9К)
  61.  "Feynman R.P. Simulating physics with computers (Int.J.Theor.Phys.21, p467, 1982)(T)(20s).djvu" (154.5К)
  62.  "Feynman. The theory of positrons (Phys.Rev.76, 1949)(T)(11s).djvu" (280.7К)
  63.  "Floreanini, Jackiw. Functional representation for fermionic quantum fields (Phys.Rev.D 37, p2206, 1988)(T)(19s).djvu" (268.6К)
  64.  "Gambini, Porto. Description of measurements in QFT (NJP4, 2002)(17s).pdf" (201.9К)
  65.  "Gell-Mann, Low. Quantum electrodynamics at small distances (first renormalization paper)(PR95, 1300, 1954)(13s).djvu" (302.6К)
  66.  "Gell-Mann, Low. Quantum electrodynamics at small distances (first renormalization paper)(PR95, 1300, 1954)(T)(13s).djvu" (306.0К)
  67.  "Gibbons G.W., Hawking S.W. Cosmological event horizons, thermodynamics, and particle creation (Phys.Rev.D15, p2837, 1977)(600dpi)(T)(14s).djvu" (429.9К)
  68.  "Gibbons, Hawking. Cosmological event horizons, thermodynamics, particle creation (PRD 1977)(T)(14s).djvu" (328.8К)
  69.  "Grabert, Schramm, Ingold. Quantum Brownian motion.. the functional integral approach (PR168, 1988)(T)(93s).djvu" (765.0К)
  70.  "Gutzwiller M.C. Multifractal measures and stability islands in anisotropic Kepler problem (Physica D38, p160, 1989)(T)(13s).djvu" (144.5К)
  71.  "Gutzwiller M.C. Stochastic behavior in quantum scattering (Physica D7, p341, 1983)(T)(16s).djvu" (196.1К)
  72.  "Guven, Lieberman. Schroedinger-picture field theory in Robertson-Walker flat spacetimes (Phys.Rev.D 39, p438, 1989)(T)(14s).djvu" (183.9К)
  73.  "Jackiw. Functional evaluation of the effective potential (PRD 9, 1974)(T)(16s).djvu" (249.9К)
  74.  "Jahn R.G., Dunne B.J. Quantum mechanics of consciousness with application to anomalous phenomena (Found.Phys.16, p721, 1986)(T)(52s).djvu" (481.4К)
  75.  "Keller J.B. Semiclassical mechanics (SIAM Rev. 27, 1985)(T)(21s).djvu" (212.6К)
  76.  "Keller, D.W.McLaughlin. The Feynman integral (American Math.Monthly 82, 1975)(T)(16s).djvu" (158.0К)
  77.  "Kibble T.W.B. Symmetry breaking in non-abelian gauge theories (Phys.Rev.155, p1554, 1967)(600dpi)(T)(8s).djvu" (235.4К)
  78.  "Kleinert. Path integral for a second derivative Lagrangian(T)(11s).djvu" (230.6К)
  79.  "Kulsrud R.M. Adiabatic invariant of the harmonic oscillator (Phys.Rev.106, p205, 1957)(600dpi) (T)(3s).djvu" (118.7К)
  80.  "Laidlaw M.G.G., Morette-DeWitt C. Feynman functional integrals for systems of indistinguishable particles (Phys.Rev. 3, p1375, 1971)(600dpi)(T)(4s).djvu" (63.2К)
  81.  "Lee, Pac. Higher-derivative operators and DeWitt#s WKB ansatz (PRD 33, p1012, 1986)(T)(6s).djvu" (266.8К)
  82.  "Matzner R.A., et al. Geometry of a black hole collision (Science paper draft, no figures)(600dpi)(T)(19s).djvu" (150.0К)
  83.  "Mehmood, Shah, Shabbir. Closed-form approximations for the three-body problem (draft)(18s).pdf" (218.6К)
  84.  "Mel'nikov V.I. The Kramers problem.. fifty years of development (Phys.Rep.209, p1, 1991)(T)(71s)_PQm_.djvu" (754.7К)
  85.  "Menskij M.B. Kvantovaja mehanika - konceptual#nye problemy (UFN170, 2000)(ru)(T)(18s).djvu" (260.0К)
  86.  "Menskij. Kvantovaja mehanika i interpretacii (ru)(T)(18s).djvu" (259.9К)
  87.  "Moser. Recent Developments in the Theory of Hamiltonian Systems (SIAM Review 28, 1986)(T)(28s).djvu" (350.7К)
  88.  "Mudavanhu B., O#Malley R.E. New renormalization method for asymptotic solution of weakly nonlinear vector systems (SIAM J.Appl.Math.63, p373, 2002)(25s).pdf" (543.9К)
  89.  "Mudavanhu B., O#Malley R.E. Two-timing, averaging and renormalization methods for long time intervals (web draft, 2002)(38s).pdf" (457.1К)
  90.  "Mukhanov, Wipf, Zelnikov. On 4D Hawking radiation from effective action (ETH-TH 94-08, 1994)(T)(22s).djvu" (157.9К)
  91.  "Norman G.E#., Starostin A.N. Termodinamika sil#no neideal#noj plazmy (Obzor)(Teplofizika vysokih temperatur, t.8, n.2, s.413-438, 1970)(ru)(600dpi)(K)(T)(26s).djvu" (853.8К)
  92.  "Nyeo. Regularization for delta-function potentials (AJP68)(5s).ps.gz" (62.1К)
  93.  "Proc.Int.Workshop on perturbation theory at large order (Int.J.Quant.Chem.21 issue 1, 1982)(T)(O)(339s).djvu" (2.4М)
  94.  "Rau. On renormalization (preprint, 1990)(6s).ps.gz" (51.7К)
  95.  "Rom-Kedar V., Leonard A., Wiggins S. Analytical study of transpot, mixing and chaos in an unsteady vortical flow (J.Fluid Mech. 214, p347, 1990)(600dpi)(T)(49s).djvu" (692.0К)
  96.  "Rosenfeld L. The measuring process in quantum mechanics (Suppl.Progr.Theor.Phys. 1965)(T)(10s).djvu" (94.7К)
  97.  "Rubakov V.A. O knige G.I.Shipova Teorija fizicheskogo vakuuma (UFN 170, 2000)(ru)(600dpi)(2s).djvu" (26.7К)
  98.  "Rubakov V.A. O knige G.I.Shipova Teorija fizicheskogo vakuuma (UFN 170, 2000)(ru)(600dpi)(T)(2s).djvu" (39.4К)
  99.  "Rychtmyer R. Taylor Instability in Shock Acceleration of Compressible Fluids (report LA-1914, 1954)(300dpi)(T)(45s).djvu" (472.0К)
  100.  "Schmid A. On a quasiclassical Langevin equation (J.Low Temp.Phys. 49, p609, 1982)(T)(18s).djvu" (139.2К)
  101.  "Schmid A. Repeated measurements on dissipative linear quantum systems (Ann.Phys.173, p103, 1987)(T)(46s).djvu" (403.7К)
  102.  "Schwarz, Steeb. Symmetries and first integrals for dissipative systems (J.Phys.A 17, pL819, 1984)(T)(5s).djvu" (124.9К)
  103.  "Sergeev A. Diff+(S1)S1 as a space of complex structures on loop spaces of compact Lie groups (draft, 1998)(16s).ps.gz" (65.3К)
  104.  "Sergeev A.G. On twistor quantization of loop spaces and Kaehler manifolds (draft, 1995)(10s).ps.gz" (48.6К)
  105.  "Sergeev A.G. Seiberg-Witten equations and complex Abrikosov strings (draft)(43s).ps.gz" (124.8К)
  106.  "Siegman A.E. Laser beams and resonators 1.. the 1960s (IEEE J. draft)(9s).pdf" (183.4К)
  107.  "Siegman A.E. Laser beams and resonators 2.. beyond the 1960s (IEEE J. draft)(11s).pdf" (191.3К)
  108.  "Simon B. Semiclassical analysis of low lying eigenvalues 1 (AIHPA 38, p295, 1983)(600dpi)(T)(16s).djvu" (173.7К)
  109.  "Simon B. Semiclassical analysis of low lying eigenvalues 2 (Ann.Math.120, p89, 1984)(600dpi)(30s).djvu" (357.3К)
  110.  "Smith L.M., Woodruff S.L. Renormalization-group analysis of turbulence (Ann.Rev.Fluid Mech.30, p275, 1998)(36s).pdf" (352.5К)
  111.  "Smolin, Soo. Chern-Simons invariant as the natural time variable for cosmology (NPB449, 1995)(T)(26s).djvu" (320.8К)
  112.  "Sokal A.D. Transgressing the boundaries.. toward a transformative hermeneutics of quantum gravity (BOGUS,HOAX)(600dpi)(T)(37s).djvu" (389.5К)
  113.  "Tegmark M. Importance of quantum decoherence in brain processes (quant-ph_9907009) (15s).pdf" (386.6К)
  114.  "Unruh. Decoherence in quantum computing(5s).ps.gz" (67.3К)
  115.  "Verlinde E. Fusion rules and modular transformations in 2D conformal field theories (Nucl.Phys.B300, 1988)(T)(17s).djvu" (257.9К)
  116.  "Vilenkin. Interpretation of the wave function of the universe (PRD, 1989)(T)(7s).djvu" (150.3К)
  117.  "Walker J. Boiling and the Leidenfrost effect(4s).pdf" (127.2К)
  118.  "Weyl H. Massentraegheit und Kosmos (Naturwiss. 11, p26, 1924)(de)(T)(8s).djvu" (386.5К)
  119.  "Weyl H. Was ist Materie (Naturwiss. 28, p74, 1924)(de)(T)(25s).djvu" (525.7К)
  120.  "Yannouleas C. Quantal Brownian motion from RPA dynamics.. the master and Fokker-Planck equations (Physica 132A, p1, 1985)(T)(27s).djvu" (199.0К)
  121.  "Yannouleas C. The RPA description of the quantum damped harmonic oscillator (Physica 125A p549, 1984)(T)(28s).djvu" (195.8К)
  122.  "Zel#dovich, Starobinskii. Particle production and vacuum polarization in anisotropic universe (Sov.Phys.JETP 34, p1159, 1972)(KA)(T)(8s).djvu" (177.3К)
  123.  "Zwanzig R. Memory effects in irreversible thermodynamics (Phys.Rev.124, 1961)(T)(10s).djvu" (204.3К)


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